Godfather Squad (1974) – Ep #16

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Bruce Leung kills an exploding German Shepherd, and next thing we know we are back in Italy fighting the mob! Michael and Matthew discuss “Little Godfather from Hong Kong” (1974). Give us a call and let us know what you think of the show – (424) 257-0344!

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2 thoughts on “Godfather Squad (1974) – Ep #16

  1. Marco Deim

    Hi guys,

    You do a very good job with this podcast.,I like it very much. I have a question about a movie with the title ”Young Bruce Lee – The Little Dragon” from 1982. It’s like ”The Real Bruce Lee”, but worse. In this movie they combine Footage of Lee’s Movies (from his childhood) with Szenes with Bruce Li. I saw every movie with Bruce Li, but I never saw these szenes before. Did you know from which movie these szenes from? Or are these szenes maybe some outtakes?

  2. Marco Deim

    I have a another question for you two. I like the Idea of how it would have been, if Bruce Lee and Jack Chan had made a movie together. Few Bruceploitation movies use that idea like ”Golden Dragon, Silver Snake” with Dragon Lee and Johnny Chan , ”Fearless Hyena 3” a.k.a. ”Fearless master” with Bruce Thai (from ”Clones of Bruce Lee”) and Jacky Chen , ”Dragon The Master” with Dragon Sek (He has a Fight with a Jackie Chan Immitator). But I think the best example is ”Bruce and Jackie to the rescue” a.k.a. ”Fist Of Death” with Kim Tai Chung and Lee Siu Ming and a Kung Fu shool named ”Y.M.C.A”. Could you make an episode with this movie?


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